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John Shea
John Shea

An expert flintknapper and replicator of primitive tools, John Shea is a paleoanthropologist and professor of anthropology at Stony Brook University in New York. Dr. Shea's work develops and improves archeological methods to better understand human behavior through analysis of stone tools during the Paleolithic period.

Dr. Shea was recently published in Current Anthropology in an article titled, "Homo sapiens Is as Homo sapiens Was: Behavioral Variability vs. ‘Behavioral Modernity’ in Paleolithic Archaeology." The article delves into the flawed nature of behavioral modernity and how the latter better addresses the concerns of human origins research and behavioral ecology.A related article was published in Scientific American titled, "Refuting a Myth About Human Origins."

Dr. Shea has participated in documentaries with PBS, BBC Horizon, and the History Channel. Over the years his work has brought him to many locations across the globe including: Israel, Jordan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Dr. Shea completed his Ph.D. studies in 1991 at Harvard University.