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Teatro di Piazza d’Occasione: Italian Interactive Visual-Dance Theater Company

Teatro di Piazza d'Occasione was founded in 1981 as a visual theater company. The company produces children's theater conceived as paintings in movement, making use of artistic objects, mechanical devices, and plays of light. The group focuses on performances for children that bring together theater and contemporary art. Since 1999, under the direction of Davide Venturini and Francesco Gandi, TPO has explored the use of digital graphics, combining traditional theater with other artistic forms such as dance and video art. Its experimental work with digital technologies facilitated the development of new modes of interaction between performers and the stage-space, by applying computer-controlled sensors to images and sound.

This process has led to the "children cheering carpet," a theatrical concept in which performances are conceived as imaginary journeys in "sensory gardens," where artists dance to images and sounds and explore new ways of telling stories.  This enables a theatre of the senses, where the audience can also explore the space and participate in an experience of immersive theater. It is a playful play--playing with the arts.