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Jeff Chamberlain
Jeff Chamberlain
Energy Storage Engineer and Researcher

Jeffrey Chamberlain is the leader of the Argonne National Laboratory’s Energy Storage Initiative.  The work involved is coordinated into four research areas: Advanced Battery R&D, Process Engineering for pilot-scale studies of battery materials, Energy Storage studies for power grid management, and Energy Storage R&D in advanced power train systems. He also has an active role in Argonne’s lithium-air battery development initiative.

He also is a senior account manager in the Office of Technology Development & Commercialization, responsible for managing the intellectual property portfolios for Argonne’s lithium-ion battery and fuel cell programs.

Prior to joining Argonne, Dr. Chamberlain performed industrial research at several companies, notably Cabot Microelectronics, Nalco, and Dow, focusing his work on the chemistry at the interface between suspended metal-oxide particles and their surrounding solutions.   Products developed from Jeff’s work in industry have been applied in semiconductor processing, coatings manufacture, and mineral processing.

Dr. Chamberlain studied vacuum-based surface chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology and received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry.