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Kate Gfeller
Kate Gfeller
Music Therapist

Kate Gfeller understands the therapeutic healing powers of music. Her work focuses on the perception and affective response of music particularly in people with disabilities. Dr. Gfeller is director of the Music Therapy Program in the School of Music, holds the F. Wendell Miller endowed professorship and a secondary appointment in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Iowa. Dr. Gfeller is also the principal investigator of the Music Perception Project for the Iowa Cochlear Implant Team.  

Her most recent publication is An Introduction to Music Therapy and Practice, which she co-wrote in 2008 and which discusses a full spectrum of research everything from clinical practices, historical perspectives, music therapy and the elderly, autism, and behavior emotional disorders.  

Dr. Gfeller earned her Ph.D. at Michigan State University; she is an Iowa native, and joined the University of Iowa faulty in 1985. For her mentorship efforts she was the recipient of a Distinguished Achievement Award for an ongoing record of outstanding contributions in her profession in 2004.