Our society seems to have one setting: faster. Start-ups rise and fall, information is retrieved instantaneously, and replying to texts can’t happen fast enough. We witness social movements that erupt seemingly overnight, and we prepare for the fallout caused by the rapid acceleration of climate change. All the while keeping our eye on what’s “trending.”

We invite you to take a pause (if you can) and look back at FallFest/16: Speed.October 29 – November 12, we explored and celebrated the issues and ideas that are rapidly shaping our lives today.

Highlights included superstar writer, actor, and history buff Lin-Manuel Miranda, who was joined in our Fallfest kickoff by Gloria Steinem and Thomas Friedman. Trevor Noah, Maureen Dowd, Philip Glass, Melissa Harris-Perry, Dan Savage, Senator Barbara Boxer and more rounded up almost two straight weeks of programming. We celebrated the life and legacy of fallen stars Prince and David Bowie with our annual Flory Concert, and explored the past and present of Chicago's historic Bronzeville neighborhood with an evening of programming.

Want to look back through the 100+ conversations, lectures, and performances that made up Fallfest/16: Speed? Watch the playlist now!

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