CHF Education Programs & Resources

Chicago Humanities Festival
With more than 80 events every November, the Chicago Humanities Festival is the premier public humanities program in the City of Chicago. CHF hosts hundreds of scholars, writers, artists, and performers. Fall Festival programs provide forums for teachers and students alike to engage in a wide-ranging conversation across disciplines. Teachers can earn CPDUs for attendance and most programs offer reduced-price tickets for educators and students.

EdLab™ is CHF's signature education initiative. It combines best practices CHF has developed over 20 years of providing quality professional development for teachers with a deepened commitment to providing literacy strategies and resources. CHF presents programs that exemplify the the best of critical dialogue around the humanities. Students and teachers attend presentations with the ability to make connections to in classroom study and broader life themes, providing students a unique understanding of the importance and transferability of writing skills.

For more information, please contact Rashida Phillips, Director of Education and Youth Initiatives at [email protected] or 312.980.8669.

Graduate Student Seminars
Graduate students in history and art history are invited to participate in discussions with presenters from the Baskes Lecture in History and the Terra Foundation for American Art. The discussions are moderated by local professors and engage the students in discussions about their place in the field.