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Stages, Sights & Sounds 2011

Stages, Sights & Sounds

An International Performance Festival

Welcome to Stages, Sights and Sounds, an international performance festival presented by the Chicago Humanities Festival. This spring, we celebrate the twelfth edition of this festival. Tickets available online or by calling the CHF Box Office at 312.494.9509.

Le Théâtre Motus, from Quebec, brings to us deceptively simple storytelling; Scotland’s Puppet State Theatre goes out on a limb with a classic piece of literature; Teatro di Piazza D'Occasione, from Italy, presents a visually-stunning work that connects viscerally to the audience; and Theatergroep Max, from The Netherlands, is a group of intellectual clowns who fit right in with that storied Chicago tradition: pushing the boundaries of physical theatrer.

Stages, Sights & Sounds is for everyone. Our programs will captivate audiences of all ages. Come see for yourself this spring!

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