CHF 2014: Journeys


An extraordinary visual and sonic experience, Wayfinders explores where we are and how we find a path through the world. Guided by Portland-based performance artist Holcombe Waller’s plaintive voice, his ensemble navigates between ancient ocean journeys and a disembodied techno-future in this multimedia performance.

Charter Humanists must purchase member-price tickets for this program. Student- and teacher-price tickets are limited in availability.

This program is presented in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Photograph by Tyler Kalberg

Speakers and Performers

Holcombe Waller

Singer, composer, and performance artist Holcombe Waller composes for concerts, film, and dance. His works explore themes of nostalgia, intimacy, and the search for spiritual meaning. Waller has released five albums on his own label and scored the Emmy-nominated documentary We Were Here: The AIDS Years in San Francisco, which premiered at Sundance in 2011. He has performed in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Paris, among many others, and he has been awarded grants from the MAP Fund, Creative Capital, and the United States Artists. The latter noted his mournful, folk-inflected style as well as his approach to music as total theater. Born and raised in the San Francisco area, Waller studied art at Yale University and now lives in Portland.

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Leaders And Thinkers

Holcombe Waller
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Online Resources

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