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Jenette Kahn on DC Comics

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman—the superheroes of our culture! Jenette Kahn was 28 when she became publisher of DC Comics, home to these icons as well as over 5,000 other characters. The youngest person and first woman to head a Time Warner division, Kahn is renowned for introducing the graphic novel to America and transforming comics into a visually stylish and sophisticated art form. Although Kahn is now producing movies, after 27 years at DC’s helm, the love of comics is hard-wired into her DNA. Hear from one of the most respected women in the entertainment industry on comics as artistic medium and audience obsession—and what it takes to tame a stable of superheroes.

Kahn is joined in conversation by Liz Mason, manager of Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago.

Images by Alissa Zhu

Speakers and Performers

Jenette Kahn

Jenette Kahn was 28 when she became publisher of DC Comics, home to over five thousand characters, including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. She ultimately became president and editor-in-chief. Kahn is renowned for transforming comics from a children's medium to a visually stylish and sophisticated art form for adults. Under Kahn’s order, DC broke new ground with comic books and graphic novels, including Ronin, The Dark Knight Returns, Hellblazer, and Watchmen.

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