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Stages, Sights & Sounds

We all know that Chicago is an international city. From its diverse neighborhoods to the wealth of world class cultural programming, it's the perfect home for Stages, Sights & Sounds, an international performing arts festival for families and theatergoers of any age. 

Because of their cultural and ethnic backgrounds, Chicago audiences are eager to welcome the artists that we bring to Stages, Sights & Sounds. Our festival showcases fresh, original work from Europe and Canada that you won't see anywhere else. Parents come back year after year, as our offerings grow along with their children and provide a shared experience. Teachers look forward to introducing us to each new class and exploring connections between learning and play.

All of the productions from Stages, Sights and Sounds 2012 explore play, physically and philosophically. The work we showcase pushes the boundaries of traditional theater and performance. Work for young audiences should push boundaries; after all, isn't that what childhood is about?