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CHF 2012: America

When Modern Art Came to America

Terra Foundation Lecture on American Art

The Armory Show of 1913 was a watershed moment in art history. In introducing the European avant-garde to America, it scandalized a public accustomed to realist art by confronting them with such confounding fare as Marcel Duchamp’s cubist Nude Descending a Staircase. We know this New York–centered account. But it’s not the whole story. After the show closed in the Big Apple, it traveled to the Art Institute of Chicago. What was its reception here, and how did it affect the art produced in our city? Join Art Institute of Chicago curator Judith Barter as she shares her brand-new research on the Armory Show in Chicago, undertaken as the centenary of the revolutionary exhibition approaches.

This lecture is one of three 2012 programs generously sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art. The Terra Foundation is dedicated to fostering the exploration, understanding, and enjoyment of the visual arts in the United States for national and international audiences. This program is presented in partnership with the Art Institute of Chicago.

Speakers and Performers

Judith Barter

Judith A. Barter is the Field-McCormick chair and curator of American Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She is the author of several recent books that focus on the Art Institute's American art collection and is also a frequent contributor to local, regional, and national media on the subject of American art.
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