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The Body

As ideas go, The Body just grows and grows, ramifying in every conceivable direction. There’s birth and death, gender and race, masculine / feminine, illness and health (this past year, as it turns out, having been quite the year to have been thinking about health and how to insure it). There’s mind and body—now that’s a problem from way back, would make a great novel (and has!)—and body and soul. There’s the song Body and Soul. There’s dance—and this seemed a good year to get out there and really highlight and celebrate the physical arts—and there’s sport. There’s the Body Perfect, and then the Norm, and then outside or beyond the norm—but who’s to say what’s one and what’s the other?

Seminal and semen, cerebral and cereal, genius and genes. Conception: quite the concept! Don’t get us started. But do come and join us.