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Individual Contributors

The Chicago Humanities Festival is grateful to the following individuals for their support. This list reflects gifts received July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

‡ Includes in-kind support
∑ Includes endowment contributions and draws

$250,000 and above

Barbara and Richard J. Franke ∑
Grace K. Stanek ∑


Karla Scherer ∑
Martha and Scott C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans
Marilynn and Carl Thoma ∑


Ms. Allegra E. Biery and Mr. René Cornejo ∑
Cheryl Harris and Brian Booker
Kimberly and R. Scott Falk ∑
Anne and Bill Fraumann
Mary L. and Richard Gray ∑
Annette W. Turow ∑


Ann and John Amboian
Julie and Roger Baskes ∑
Elissa Efroymson and Adnaan Hamid
Deborah and S. Cody Engle ‡
Harve A. Ferrill ∑
Ellen and Paul Gignilliat
Elaine and Roger Haydock
Clark and Carolyn Hulse ∑
Lynn and Douglas H. Jackson
Dagmara and Nicolas Kokonas
Elizabeth A. Liebman
Elizabeth Nolan and Kevin Buzard
J.B. and M.K. Pritzker
Debbie and Jeff Ross
John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe
Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan
Anita K. and Prabha Sinha ‡
Katie Spring


Ellen Stone Belic
Brian Bellew
Mary and Carl Boyer
Greta Wiley Flory
Ira E. Graham
Lynn Hauser and Neil Ross
Jane E. Kiernan
Emily and Christopher N. Knight
Raymond and Judith McCaskey
Bill and Penny Obenshain


Family of Joanne Alter
Jean and John Berghoff ‡
Janet and Craig Duchossois
Janet and Richard Horwood
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel
Angela Lustig and Dale Taylor
Judy and John McCarter
Governor and Mrs. Bruce V. Rauner
Rose L. Shure


Anonymous (3)
Lucy and Peter Ascoli
Cassandra L. Book
Henry and Gilda Buchbinder Family Foundation
Jane and John Chapman
Doris Conant ∑
Nancie and Bruce Dunn
Sami and Lauren Elsaden
Ginger Gassel
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Held
Lorraine and Jay Jaffe
Roberta and George Mann
Sylvia and Lawrence Margolies
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen, III
Col (IL) J.N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Ret.), Founder, Pritzker Military Museum and Library
Anne and Tom Rodhouse
Carol Rosofsky and Robert B. Lifton ‡
Ryan S. Ruskin and Michael C. Andrews
Ruzicka & Associates, Ltd. ‡
Martin and Cathy Slark
Marcie and Avy Stein
Liz Stiffel
Frederick and Cate Waddell
Paul C. Williams and Leslie Berger


Anonymous (5)
Elaine and Floyd Abramson
Janet and Steven Anixter
Keri and Phillip Bahar
Pamela Baker and Jay R. Franke
Maria Bechily and Scott Hodes
Mr. Henry S. Bienen and Professor Leigh Bienen
Dr. Andrea Billhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block, III
Lynn Bolanowski
Joyce Bixler Bottum
Susan Bowey
Carolyn Bucksbaum
The Butz Foundation
Dianne and Thomas Campbell
Ann and Roger Cole
Elizabeth Conlisk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crawford, Jr.
Susan Crown and William Kunkler, III
Robert O. Delaney
Inna Elterman
Sidney and Sondra Berman Epstein
Michael and Sally Feder
Joan and Robert Feitler
Ethel and William Gofen
John Gorey and Catherine De Orio
Thomas Gorey
Cornelia Grumman and James Warren
Mary Kathryn Hartigan
Lois and Marty Hauselman
Barbara and Jim Herst
Mary P. Hines
Mellody Hobson
Howard Isenberg
Edgar D. Jannotta, Sr.
Carol and Arnold Kanter
Jerry and Judy Kaufman
Diana H. and Neil J. King
Richard and Susan Kiphart
Loring W. and Carol E. Knoblauch
Koldyke Family Fund
Victoria Lautman
Audrey and Eric Lester
Debra Levin and James Crofton
Molly Levitt
Julius Lewis
Kay and Jim Mabie
Denise Macey
Patty and Mark McGrath
Jane and Bruce McLagan
Heather McWilliams and Frederick Fischer
Edward and Lucy R. Minor Family Foundation
Jean and Jordan Nerenberg
Jerry Newton and David Weinberg
Alexandra and John Nichols
Susan Noel
Deborah Oestreicher and Victor Magar
Cathy Passen
Eugene and Geraldine Pergament
Joan and Avner Porat
Steven and JoAnn R. Potashnick
Ruth Ann and Neil Quinn
Sandy Rau
Sharon and John W. Rogers
Sheli and Burton Rosenberg
Babette H. Rosenthal
Judy and Warner Rosenthal
Esther S. Saks
Edna J. Schade
Susan H. and Charles P. Schwartz, Jr.
Betty and Richard Seid
Bill and Stephanie Sick
Adele and John Simmons
Heather Steans and Leo A. Smith
Jennifer Steans and Jim Kastenholz
Carole D. Stone and Arthur Susman
James H. Stone, Stone Management Corp.
Peggy Sullivan
Takiff Family Foundation
Kim and Steve Theiss
Elaine and Richard Tinberg
Karen and Herb Wander
Laura and Bob Watson
Florette and Robert Weiss
Judy Wise and Sheldon Baskin
Helen and Sam Zell


Paul J. Adams, III
Cameron S. Avery and Lynn B. Donaldson
Nora Lee and Guy Barron
Adrienne and Arnold F. Brookstone
William L. Brown
Linda Walker Bynoe and Peter C. B. Bynoe
Ann and Richard Carr
Elin and Stanley Christianson
Lisa Corrin and Peter Erickson
Wendy and James Daverman
Camille De Frank
Alice and Edwin R. DuBose
Sonja and Conrad Fischer
Richard and Weezie Fisher
F.J. Zimmerman Foundation
Suzanne and Albert Friedman
Suzanne H. Gilbert
Vicki Herget and Robert Parsons
David Hiller and Darcy L. Evon
Joyce E. Hodel
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hovey, Sr.
Jill Ingrassia-Zingales and Luigi Zingales
Terry and Jill Isselhard
Mary Ittelson
Paula R. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Karger
Janaki and Lakshman Krishnamurthi
Bob Kuppenheimer
Brock C. LaMarca, Mesirow Financial
Jan and Richard Lariviere
Thomas L. and Sanra Mallman
Nancy A. Lauter McDougal
Lorel and Robert McMillan
Ann Merritt
Nancy and Philip Miller
Linda and David Moscow
Leslie and Arthur Muir
Rebecca and R. Michael Murray Jr.
Scott and Luvie Myers Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Julian A. Oettinger
Cathleen and William Osborn
Lorna and Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr.
Betsey and Dale Pinkert
Donna and Leslie Pinsof
Jose Luis Prado
Elizabeth and Daniel Reidy
Linda and David P. Riley
John Rokacz and Susan Lichtenstein
Lorelei Rosenthal
Alexander and Annie Ross
Judith and Robert Rothschild
Susan B. and Myron E. Rubnitz
Sandi and Earl J. Rusnak
Nancy Searle
Mary Stowell
Mary and Harvey Struthers
Hugh and Julie Sullivan
Beth Treacy
Billy Vaughn and Matti Bunzl
Cynthia and Ben Weese
Pam Phillips Weston and Roger L. Weston


John L. and Pat Anderson
Cynthia Barnard and Len Grossman
Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
Sandra Bass
Catharine Bell and Robert Weiglein
Ken Bigger, Ph.D. and Professor Margaret Power
David Brooks
Reverend Doctor Julianne Buenting
Susan Burkhardt
Kristin and Russell E. Cass
Becky and James Chandler
Robert and Anneliese Crawford
Ms. Jane Christino and Mr. Joseph Wolnski
Jean and David Curtis
Barbara and Charles Denison
Margaret Dickerson
David Downey
Trucia A. Drummond, D.D.S.
Deborah and David Epstein
Ms. Susan Page Estes
Judith Feldman
Tyrone Forman
Mary and Terry Franke
Laura Friedland
Joel M. Friedman
Barbara Gaines
Cassandra Geiger
Mark Gerstein
Ruth Ann M. Gillis and Michael J. McGuinnis
Carol and Jerry Ginsburg
Margaret Gunn
Caryn and King Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Huebner
Cynthia Heusing and David H. Kistenbroker
Judith and William Hogan
Doris B. Holleb
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Howell, Jr.
Barbara Huyler
Carol and David Ingall
Barbara and Garrett Johnson
Zachary Judd
Charles Katzenmeyer
Susan Kelty
Amanda Lao and Ken Pelletier
Caitlin Larkin
Shirley and Walter Massey
Linda and Denny Mayer
Nancy and Michael McCaskey
Rosemary McInerney
Sheila and Harvey Medvin
Barbara and Richard Melcher
Allan and Elaine Muchin
Judith and Lester Munson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Nathan
Sharon Oberlander
The Honorable Sheila O’Brien and The Honorable Wayne Andersen
Tom and Jeanne Olofson
Diane Patience
Betty and Tom Philipsborn
James and Judith Pierpont
Sheldon and Irene Reitman, Shepard Schwartz & Harris
Kathy Roe and Jack Rovner
Chris and Tammy Roehm
James and Kathryn Rolfes
Morton Rosen
Jeffrey Rubenstein
Kathy Schiffer
Sandra and Ronald Schutz
Nancy Shaner
Robert and Howard A. Siegel
Merrill Smith
Clark Stanford
Nikki and Fredric Stein
John Tessitore
Steve Thayer
Christine Tierney
Sophie Twitchell
Penny and John Van Horn
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Vender
John Volk
Joan Wagner and Paul Haskins
Julie Walner
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Watts
Iris Witkowsky
Ann S. Wolff
Peter Zegers


Anonymous (2)
Judith Adler
Harpinder Ajmani
Patricia Aluisi
John Anderson
Gunduz Dagdelen Ast and Bruno Ast
Ben Axelrad
Elizabeth and Bernard Bach
Elizabeth Backes
Susan and Stephen W. Baird
Sandra Barnett-White
Enriqueta and Ronald Bauer
Patricia Becker
Barbara and Barry Bernsen
Karen Blane
Greg Bloch
Andrea Brands
Charles M. Brennan, III
Lori and George Bucciero
John A. Buck
Susan Bush
Sandra Chiu
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chizewer
Marc and Sarah Chodera
Gail Colvin
Alison Cuddy
Nancy Cunniff and Alan Zunamon
Judy and Tapas Das Gupta
Roxanne J. Decyk
Patty L. Delony
Megan Dorfman
Jennifer A. Draffen
Carol Eastin
Deborah and Gary Edidin
Jane Gale Esser and James D. Esser
Steve Everett
Maria Finitzo
Joan Flashner
Gloria Fletcher
Bonnie Forkosh
Christina Frasik
Judith R. Freeman
Madelon and Roger Fross
Linda J. Fulton
Sara Garber
Anthony Gargiulo
Terri and Stephen Geifman
Jessica and Joseph Glaser
Jean and Steven Goldman
Leslie and Martin I. Goodman
Terri Hanson
Christie A. Hefner
Yale and Carolyn Henderson
Leslie Hindman
Jim Hofheimer
Arthur and Dodie Hofstetter
Betsy Hughes
Jan and Bill Jentes
Bridget Jones and Dinesh Goburdhun
Virginia and John A. Jones
Andrea K. Kaufman
Mary Keefe and Robert Scales
Julie Kennedy
Katherine Kim
Avril Klaf
Kirbie J. Knutson and Michael Jacobs
Martin J. and Susan B. Kozak
Jim and Mary Kreidler
Sonia Kwon and James Cornell
John K. Lane
Roberta Lee
Elliot and Frances Lehman
Sheila Lehr
Susan Lieber
Grace Lin
Joan Lovell
Liz Lubiniecki
Kristen Mark
Carol and Joseph Master
Cynthia Mathews
Susan Mayer
Kathleen McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy
Ms. Alisa McQueen
Lisa Metzger-Mugg
Diane Mielnikowski
Christine and Thomas Moldauer
Herbert R. Molner
Paula Molner
Kelly Morgan
Fredrik and Jessica Nielsen
Janis and John Notz, Jr.
Margaret A. O’Connor
Ted and Susan Oppenheimer
Lynn B. Pearl
Jose Perez-Sanz and Catherine Bosher
Emanuel and Tina Pollack
Katherine and Jack Riley
Ellen D. Rosenberg
Martha Roth and Bryon A. Rosner
Lori and Laurence Rubin
Drs. Safinaz and Nabil Saleh
John Scanlon
Joanne and Frank Schell
Shirley and John Schlossman
Daniel Schonwald
Scott Schroeder
Hugh Schulze
Elizabeth M. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sents
Drora and Matti Shalev
Janet and Larry Shiff
Susan Silver
Brian Silverstein
Travis Smith
Maxine and Lawrence Snider
Joan Solbeck
Robin and Steve Solomon
Milos Stehlik
Elizabeth Stein
Isabel C. and Donald M. Stewart
Dana Suskind
Anna Tannebaum
Carol Trapp
Steve Traxler
Sue Tresselt and William Clark
Donna and J. Dirk Vos
Miriam Waltz and Steve MacLellan
Gail and John Ward
James Weidner
Nora Weir
Marsha and Stuart Weis
Penny Weis
Joan Werber
Laura and Michael Werner
Joanna and Lawrence Weschler
Janie and Barry Winkler
Sharon Woodry
Jennifer Yorke
Mrs. Susan S. Youdovin and Mr. Charles Shulkin
Bobbi Zabel
Ms. Karen A. Zupko