Corporate and Foundation Giving

For corporate sponsorship, please call Jessie Fairbanks at 312.494.9578; for foundation giving, please call Alexandra Quinn at 312.494.9563.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate and commemorate the life and achievements of the human mind.  We exult in bringing together Chicagoans from all walks of life who are interested in thinking—and talking—about ideas.  Our annual Festival enlarges upon the philosophy that “ideas matter” through the presentation of more than 100 public programs annually.

In the spring, we produce our world stages festival for children and families, Stages, Sights and Sounds, now presented as its own stand-alone marker on the cultural landscape. Many of us have had direct experience with how the arts can impact developmental growth and how they’ve helped level the learning field across socio-economic boundaries. Exposure to events of creativity and imagination, particularly in the realm of the arts and humanities, broadens a child’s perspective of what is possible to conceive, create, achieve and be, especially when that child comes from disadvantaged circumstances.

Every successful nonprofit cultural organization shares one characteristic: vibrancy.  It cannot afford to be static; it must evolve as its audience and its audience’s needs evolve.

CHF also produces a series of Winter-Spring programs from January to June; and an annual, free professional development seminar for teachers. First Time for a Lifetime, a comprehensive educational and outreach campaign, includes initiatives geared for elementary and high school students.

Teachers and students are admitted for free and comprise 16% of the 52,000 that attend annually (ticket prices are kept low at an average of $8 to prevent cost from being an impediment to attendance). Our commitment to maintaining accessible ticket prices translates to the need to raise 80 to 90% of our annual operating budget. 

CHF has broadened its programming approach in the last five years to emphatically diversify presenters and topics, not just in terms of race and ethnicity, but age and sexual orientation as well. Programs are recorded and posted on a content-driven website that extends programs’ reach beyond Chicago. Of the ever-growing 60,000 monthly views, half are from outside the U.S.

We are deeply grateful for the past and current support provided by our philanthropic colleagues.

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