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Stages, Sights & Sounds 2014 Photos

2015 Stages, Sights & Sounds - Press Images

The following photos are for productions/programs featured in the Chicago Humanities Festival’s international children’s theater festival, Stages, Sights & Sounds. All images are for publicity purposes only.

The American Revolution 1 (credit: Johnny Knight)
The American Revolution 2 (credit: Johnny Knight)
Ondin 1 (credit: Michel Pineault)
Ondin 2 (credit: Michel Pineault)
The Secret Life of Suitcases 1 (c Anne Binckebanck)
The Secret Life of Suitcases 2 (c Anne Binckebanck)
Lego Animation Workshop 1 (credit: Ben Gonzales)
Lego Animation Workshop 2 (credit: Ben Gonzales)
Liminal Camera
The Homestretch 1
The Homestretch 2