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Chicago Humanities Festival - Citizens 2015 Photos


Use the links below to download images of speakers and performers from the Chicago Humanities Festival 2015, Citizens.

All images are for publicity purposes only.

2015 Fall Festival: Citizens

Alexander, Dee (credit: Claude-Aline Nazaire - Essential Blueprints)
Allen, Danielle (credit: Laura Rose)
Allen, Danielle (Our Declaration)
Beard-Leroy, Karla
Brown, Lili-Anne (credit: Maia Rosenfeld)
Butler, E. Faye (credit: Brian McConkey)
Cárdenas, Gerardo (credit: Merlina Acevedo)
Chang, Jeff (credit: Jeremy Keith Villaluz)
Chang, Jeff (Who We Be)
Chetty, Raj
Coates, Ta-Nehisi (credit: Nina Subin)
Coates, Ta-Nehisi (Between the World and Me)
Coleman, Gabriella (credit: Personal Democracy Forum)
Costello, Elvis (credit: Mary McCartney)
Costello, Elvis (Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink)
Daum, Meghan
Daum, Meghan (Selfish, Shallow and Self Absorbed)
Día de los Muertos Exhibit (El cíclo de vida by Alejandro Rivera Leal)
Dos Santos
Eason, Laura (credit: Meredith Zinner Photography)
Gay, Roxane
Gay, Roxane (Bad Feminist)
Gay, Roxane (Untamed State)
Gessen, Masha (credit: Tanya Sazansky)
Haley, Monique
Hill, Pamela Smith
Hill, Pamela Smith (Pioneer Girl)
Indiana, Rita
Isaacson, Walter 1 (credit: Lynn Goldsmith)
Isaacson, Walter 2 (credit: Patrice Gilbert)
James, Marlon (credit: Jeffrey Skemp)
James, Marlon (A Brief History of Seven Killings)
Jordan, Lynne (credit: Phil Farber)
Lawson, Nigella
Lawson, Nigella (Simply Nigella)
Lindley, Rob (credit: Brandon Dahlquist)
Liu, Eric
Liu, Eric (A Chinaman's Chance)
Mandvi, Aasif
Mandvi, Aasif (No Land's Man)
Manual Cinema 1 (credit: Gesi Schilling)
Manual Cinema 2 (credit: Gesi Schilling)
Manual Cinema 3 (credit: Gesi Schilling)
McGill, Anthony (credit: David Finlayson)
N, Jose Angel (credit: Luis Soto)
N, Jose Angel (Illegal)
Nafisi, Azar (credit: Stanley Staniski)
Nafisi, Azar (Republic of Imagination)
Obejas, Achy (credit: Kaloian)
Oswalt, Patton
Oswalt, Patton (Silver Screen Fiend)
Ottolenghi, Yotam (R) & Scully Ramael (L) (credit: Jonathan Lovekin)
Ottolenghi, Yotam & Scully Ramael (NOPI)
Peck, Doug
Pierce, Wendell (credit: Sean Hagwell Photography)
Pierce, Wendell (The Wind in the Reeds)
Pilsen Gallery Tour 1
Pilsen Gallery Tour 2
Pilsen Mural Tour
Rankine, Claudia (credit: John Lucas)
Rankine, Claudia (Citizen)
Rogers, Alexis J.
Ronson, Jon (credit: Emli Bendixen)
Ronson, Jon (So You've Been Publicly Shamed)
Rushdie, Salman (credit: Syrie Moskowitz)
Rushdie, Salman (Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights)
Singer, Peter (credit: Denise Applewhite, Princeton University)
Singer, Peter (The Most Good You Can Do)
Sones De Mexico Ensemble
Thalia Hall
Thomas, Bethany (credit: Joe Mazza at BraveLux)
Varma, Anand
Vowell, Sarah (credit: Bennett Miller)
Vowell, Sarah (Lafayette in the Somewhat United States)
Wolfson, Evan
Woodson, Jacqueline (credit: Marty Umans)
Woodson, Jacqueline (Brown Girl Dreaming)
Wright, Lawrence (credit: Kenny Braun)
Wright, Lawrence (Thirteen Days in September)

Marilynn Thoma Artistic Director Announcement

Elmer, Jonathan (credit: Hannah Clendening)
Elmer, Jonathan 2 (credit: Jenn Hamm)
Cuddy, Alison (Associate Artistic Director)