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Chicago Humanities Festival - 2014 Photos

Chicago Humanities Festival 2014 - Press Images

Use the links below to download images of speakers and performers from the Fall 2014 Chicago Humanities Festival.

All images are for publicity purposes only.

25th Anniversary Fall Festival, Journeys

Al-Khawaja, Maryam
Appiah, Kwame Anthony
Bittman, Mark
Bittman, Mark (How to Cook Everything Fast)
Blanco, Richard
Blow, Charles
Blow, Charles (Fire Shut Up in My Bones)
Brooks, David (Credit: Josh Haner)
Bunzl, Matti (Credit: L. Brian Stauffer, University of Illinois)
Cuddy, Alison
De Shields, André (Credit: Lia Chang)
Diller, Elizabeth (Credit: Abe Morrell)
Dunham, Lena (Credit: Autumn de Wilde)
Dunham, Lena (Not That Kind of Girl)
Ebert, Chaz
Ebert, Roger (Life Itself poster 1)
Ebert, Roger (Life Itself poster 2)
Fleming, Renée (Credit: Decca/Andrew Eccles)
Frere-Jones, Sasha (Credit: Nikola Tamindzic)
Gashlycrumb Orphanage (Credit: Joe Mazza at Brave Lux)
Gay, Roxane
Gay, Roxane (An Untamed State)
Gay, Roxane (Bad Feminist)
Harris, Diane
Huston, Anjelica (Credit: Paul Jasmin) #1
Huston, Anjelica (Credit: Paul Jasmin) #2
Huston, Anjelica (Watch Me)
Iyer, Vijay (Credit: Jimmy Katz)
Jackson, Ernestine
James, Steve
Jones, Daniel (Credit: Phoebe Jones)
Jones, Daniel (Love Illuminated)
Kincaid, Jamaica
Kincaid, Jamaica (The Autobiography of My Mother)
La Reunión (Credit: Alejandro Bustos)
Lindley, Rob
Love, Darlene
Maddin, Guy (Credit: Philippe Migeat)
Makkai, Rebecca (Credit: Philippe Mastas)
Marie, René (Credit: Joe Boggess)
Mason, Karen
Mueller, Jessie (Credit: Palma Kolansky)
Patner, Andrew (Credit: Israel Wright)
Peck, Doug
Poundstone, Paula
Pratt, Mary Louise
Rice, Anne
Rice, Anne (Prince Lestat)
Samuelsson, Marcus (Credit: Paul Brissman)
Samuelsson, Marcus (Marcus Off Duty)
Satrapi, Marjane
Satrapi, Marjane (The Complete Persepolis)
Schlosser, Eric (Credit: Kodiak Greenwood)
Schlosser, Eric (Command and Control)
Shawn, Wallace
Simmons, Ruth
Smith, Patti (Credit: Edward Mapplethorpe)
Smith, Patti (Just Kids)
Snyder, Timothy
Sorkin, Andrew Ross
Strayed, Cheryl (Credit: Joni Kabana)
Strayed, Cheryl (Wild)
Tennant, Victoria
Tóibín, Colm (Credit: Phoebe Ling)
Ure, Colin
Wilson, Victoria (Credit: Joyce Ravid)
Yousef, Odette