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For curious, culturally savvy young professionals

The Shortlist is how curious, culturally savvy young professionals sample, mingle, and connect at the Festival.

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The Shortlist Package – Style 2016

Join The Shortlist at CHF's new annual spring festival, Style! This spring, we're offering you the chance to learn more about the style of today's activism from Alicia Garza, co-creator of Black Lives Matter. After the program, we invite you to REFUGE Live! for a cocktail reception, where we'll continue to explore the issues facing the social movements of today. Get your bundle here for $20.

  • Apr 30, 4:30 PM - Alicia Garza
  • Apr 30, 6:00 PM - Shortlist Cocktail Party – Style

  • We're excited to see you this spring at Style!

    Who Makes the Shortlist Happen?

    Meet the Shortlist Committee—enthusiastic leaders who are committed to increasing young professional attendance at CHF.

    Photos from Past Events

    May 2015 - Nick Offerman
    Feb 2015 - Kim Gordon
    Nov 2014 - Marjane Satrapi, Mark Bittman, & Daniel Jones
    Apr 2014 - Alice Waters & Ruth Reichl
    Feb 2014 - Karen Russell
    Jan 2014 - Gary Shteyngart
    Nov 2013 - Jonathan Safran Foer & David Axelrod
    Sept 2013 - Shortlist Kickoff Party
    Mar 2013 - Mad Men, Mad World
    Nov 2012 - Larry Wilmore, Grant Achatz, Nate Silver, & more

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