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What Constitutes a Solid WRITE CLUB Bout?
Ian Belknap  Hi again – Ian Belknap, Founder and Overlord of WRITE CLUB here. As you may have heard, very shortly CHF will be taking your submissions for bout topics for our fast-approaching shows at the Poetry Foundation. In order for you to make the best and most mighty suggestions, which will ensure the most maximally awesome show possible, here’s a couple things to keep in mind: ·It’s gotta be conceptually meaty. We’re not looking for a chicken wing of an idea – we’re... Continue Reading >>
Marlee Prutton is the Education Fellow at the Chicago Humanities Festival. She is a recent graduate of the Masters of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) at the University of Chicago. The F.B.I. has had Barney Rosset’s Francis W. Parker School file for over seventy years. In class a teacher had asked him: “Who is the most important person in the world?” He had been reading Sawdust Caesar by George Seldes, an anti-Mussolini novel. Already a radical... Continue Reading >>
An Introduction and Nine Notes on Anne Waldman
Rowland Saifi is a Chicago-based writer and teaches writing and literature at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. When I first arrived in Boulder it was snowing. I’d taken a Greyhound halfway across the country and was dropped in the middle of the night at a gas station whose most striking feature was a payphone. I was there to start school as an undergrad at Naropa University and with orientation still a week away, I spent the... Continue Reading >>
The Hip Hop Pioneer
Where to go to graduate school? It’s one of the decisions every budding academic makes, a daunting one, full of apprehension and insecurity. My case was no exception. I had discovered anthropology as a sophomore at Stanford, and when it came time to apply to PhD programs in the fall of my final year, the possibilities seemed all too vast. Should I go to a particular city or focus on the intellectual configuration of specific departments? What role should funding and teaching opportunities play?... Continue Reading >>
Scholarship that Matters
One of the things we pride ourselves at CHF is bringing scholarship that really matters to a larger public. That’s a rather tall thing to say, of course. Every year, America’s researchers publish thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of articles, and no-one could have a truly panoptic view of it all. And yet, there are mechanisms, both inside and outside the academy, that allow us to identify the scholarship that makes a true intervention and will endure far beyond our immediate era.... Continue Reading >>
Richard Ford's Canada
The recently departed Helen Gurley Brown would not have approved. Any reader of Sex and the Single Girl knows that on a summer Saturday night the unattached should be out and gallivanting about. But the single gal of Brown’s era didn’t have one important attraction to keep them couch-bound on such a cloudless, breezy eve: Richard Ford’s hunk of a new novel, Canada. The premise is tantalizing – a bank robbery gone wrong in a small Midwestern town. I’d already read an... Continue Reading >>

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