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Why is it that some images leave an indelible mark on our individual memories and collective imagination? The question is far from obvious. We live in a visually saturated world that constantly exposes us to millions of optical impressions. And yet, some of these images exert an almost magical pull on us. Alfred Eisenstaedt Stan Stearns Two professors of communication, Northwestern’s Robert Hariman and Indiana’s John Lucaites, have joined... Continue Reading >>
Dwight McBride
With our world-class universities, Chicago is home to some of the leading intellectuals in the US. The CHF has been featuring many of them over the years. And this fall, too, we will present events with such luminaries as Wendy Doniger, Hanna Gray, Laura Kipnis, and Martha Nussbaum. Their presentations will be a wonderful opportunity to see our city’s intellectual prowess at work. Doniger, the leading American scholar of Hinduism, will give a much-anticipated lecture on symbolism in Hindu art;... Continue Reading >>
Food will be a big part of the festival. How could it not with the body as our topic? There will be a number of different panels on the topic, from conversations with chefs to discussions about food safety. For me, a highlight of this food cluster will be an event with two great anthropologists: Martin Manalansan and Mary Weismantel. The two are leaders in the steadily growing field of food anthropology. They teach huge and immensely popular classes on the topic at Illinois and Northwestern... Continue Reading >>

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