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I am . . .
I am ambitious and intelligent . . . I see superheroes flying to the rescue . . . I worry if I'm good enough for this world . . . On Wednesday, May 8 at 5 pm in the afternoon, I had the privilege of accompanying Paige Hernandez to the Better Boys Foundation in North Lawndale for a performance workshop. Paige was in the middle of her run of performances of Paige in Full at the Museum of Contemporary Art, one of six programs CHF presented this year... Continue Reading >>
Are restaurants venues for participatory theater?
"Why does a restaurant have to have a permanent address?""Why does food have to be put on a plate?""Why is [a meal] different than reading a great novel?""Why is it okay to no-show at a restaurant, or not honor your reservation?""What is something that nobody has done?" These are the questions that keep Grant Achatz—the visionary chef behind Alinea, Next, and the Aviary—up at night. His restless deconstruction and reformation of the dining experience has made him the toast of the... Continue Reading >>
In Full: A Brief History of Hip-hop
At my leftist, Episcopal summer camp in rural Northern California, a camp counselor rapped Ludacris at the talent show. West Sonoma County is at once a sanctuary of the failed flower child, a redneck retreat, and an outdoor-educator oasis. That summer, offset in stark contrast to the familiar cadence of folk and country—the acoustic strum and twangy pick of campfire gone right—the lyrics “I’ve got pros [sic] in every area code” reverberated through the redwood forest, ringing out over the... Continue Reading >>

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