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A Flintknapper for Our Times
So what in the world, I hear you groaning, is a flintknapper? And what would such a person have to do with the Chicago Humanities Festival? To answer in order – a flintknapper is a person who makes tools through the process of lithic reduction, with is a fancy way of saying that they use stones to chip away on other stones in order to create flat surfaces and sharp edges. Yes, that’s right. We are talking about the archaic tools built by our ancestors thousands... Continue Reading >>
Stages, Sights & Sounds Redux
44 programs in 13 days! It’s been a bit of a blur—and many of my colleagues stayed up much later and had more frontline responsibilities than I did. But we’re a small shop and everyone in our 16-person office pitched in. I’m exhausted and incredibly proud of the work CHF just brought to Chicago. Here are some of my personal highlights: Week 1 —Monday, May 2: Hanging lights for Baobab from the catwalk above the stage at the Barber Theater. So great to get out from behind my... Continue Reading >>
Tech·Knowledgē Revealed!
We are thrilled to release the 22nd Chicago Humanities Festival schedule to you! Browse events here. The fall 2011 festival is tech·knowledgē. It's 'technology' with 'knowledge' at its center. Human experience is inextricably linked to technology. At its root is the impulse to craft a better, easier, more informed life. From the creation of stone tools to the development of the printing press, the assembly line, and the microprocessor, technology is the expression of human ingenuity and a... Continue Reading >>
Puppetry is Thriving!
From Guest Blogger Tom Lang of the Chicago Puppetry Guild. Puppetry is thriving in so many places it’s difficult to keep it all in view!  From huge parade puppets to tiny toy theater, puppetry in Chicago is at a peak beyond even the heyday of postwar B&W TV, a public marionette theater, and later Miss Piggy and Kermit. The already amazing range of forms has expanded into theater, opera, music videos, and commercials. The school, library and community puppetry we grew up with... Continue Reading >>
The Magical World of Stages, Sights, and Sounds
Last night, I had one of the great aesthetic experiences of my life. I was at the invited dress rehearsal (which is a fancy way of saying the “final test run”) of TPO’s Kindur, one of the productions playing as part of CHF’s Stages, Sights, and Sounds. It was truly galvanizing, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I left the MCA. It’s avant-garde theater, cutting-edge performance art, and high-tech spectacle all rolled into one breathtaking hour. ... Continue Reading >>
Hear What the Press is Saying
Want to learn more about Stages, Sights & Sounds? Check out these great previews from around the city (and country!) of the spectacular works coming your way May 3-15 in Chicago and Evanston. Chicago Tribune: by Chris Jones …if you’ve traveled outside the U.S., you’ve doubtless noticed how much innovative theater for kids and families some countries produce. In many ways, the audience that benefits the most from exposure to international theater is children. And yet we don’t see much... Continue Reading >>

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