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The Body of Jesus
The Body of Jesus is a big topic – and we are approaching it with the help of two fascinating scholars, Allen Callahan and Rachel Havrelock, the stars of the documentary series “Who Was Jesus?” that premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2009. I want to say more about them; but before I do, let me pause and reflect on the topic itself. La Pietà There are few religious traditions in which the physical embodiment of divinity is as central as it is in Christianity.... Continue Reading >>
CHF Spring Festival is not just for kids anymore!
CHF’s spring festival "Stages, Sights & Sounds" is in full swing! Last week, Vélo Théâtre (from Angers, France) presented There’s a Rabbit in the Moon, an utterly delightful tale of an eccentric, empathic magician named Thomas Snout who has the power to conjure soothing and surprising images to help nights pass more easily for restless young souls. This program is geared toward 4-8 year olds, but the morning I saw it, 50 or so 8th graders and their French teacher came through the door. There... Continue Reading >>

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