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CHF Goes to Argonne National Laboratory
Once in a while there is an opportunity for my programming colleagues and me to do some collective research. One such opportunity was a fascinating field trip we took to Argonne National Laboratory in early February, where we toured several of Argonne’s research divisions. At the Transportation Center, we got a primer in how a lithium-ion battery works from Jeff Chamberlain, Argonne’s Head of Chemical Sciences and Engineering Electrochemical Energy Storage and learned about Argonne’s... Continue Reading >>
Upping the Ante
This post originally appeared on the Neighborhood Parents Network website. Republished with permission. NPN is the media sponsor of Kindur performances May 9-15. My son’s infinite capacity for curiosity is thrilling and scary. He is constantly upping the ante in his exploration of the world: before I can catch him, climbing to the top of the tallest playground slide at 18 months. At two, running into Lake Michigan’s waves no matter how many times... Continue Reading >>
Reading (and riding) the Lake Shore Limited
If you commute via public transportation you know the sensation well. Seat secured, book (or fill-in-digital e-book device) in hand, several minutes into the ride you realize that you’re nearly at your stop (or, if you’re in the middle of a particularly riveting scene, missed it altogether.) Inconveniences of backtracking aside, it’s an exquisite feeling. Not every writer is so engrossing as to create a fictional world that so completely overcomes our present one. Sue Miller is that rare writer.... Continue Reading >>

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