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Once upon a crescent moon . . . Kaguya: The Bamboo Princess
Acclaimed puppeteer Nori Sawa returns to Stages, Sights & Sounds with the US premiere of his new show Kaguya: The Bamboo Princess, his distinctive take on a tenth-century Japanese folktale. But what is the origin of this beautiful bamboo princess? And what makes her legend unique in the history of literature? Photo by Shozo Kajiwara Kaguya is a beautiful girl found as an infant in a glimmering stalk of bamboo by the childless bamboo-cutter, Taketori no Okina. He adopts Kaguya into his... Continue Reading >>
Fluff is a Quirky Celebration of Lost Toys
Photo by Sean Young The stage is covered in toys: dozens of teddy bears, toy cars, and ragdolls are carefully perched atop colorful shelves. Each one is unique and seems to have a story to tell. Even before Fluff begins, the audience wonders about these toys. Where did they come from? To whom do they belong? Photo by Sean Young Enter the Ginghams: a traveling trio of plaid-patterned siblings whose mission in life is to rescue lost or forgotten toys and give them a home and a new lease on life... Continue Reading >>
Welcome to Stages, Sights & Sounds 2014
Stages, Sights & Sounds is Chicago’s only international children’s theater festival. This year we celebrate our 15th year of presenting fresh, original performances from around the world with 48 programs from May 6–24 at three Chicago venues.  Stages, Sights & Sounds brims with possibilities, offering lively theatrical and hands-on experiences for every age. You can see performers from faraway countries and also discover Chicago gems. You can find inspiration in... Continue Reading >>

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