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The City as Text
Bloomingdale Trail architect's rendering Reading Blair Kamin’s Monday post about the Bloomingdale Trail—in which he reflects on the city’s recent announcement about funding for the Trail—got me thinking about the many conversations I had about the Trail last year that culminated in Walter Hood’s amazing lecture “Industrial Past, Green Tomorrow” at last November’s Festival. Meetings with the Friends of Bloomingdale Trail and the Trust for Public Land and everyone’s favorite... Continue Reading >>
Velo Theatre's Objects of Affection
I was first introduced to the beautiful, bizarre and amusing world of object theatre through the Chicagoland puppet symbolist group Theatre Zarko. Seeing a performance that gathers its props and power by reconfiguring what, in many instances, are simple and available objects (think garden hoses, pieces of lamp shades, old toys, scrap wire) was a stark contrast and refreshing juxtaposition to the experience of viewing sets with high production costs.     Velo Theatre's The PostmanA fantastic... Continue Reading >>

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