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Ophelia's iPod
One of my favorite parts of CHF's Classics in Context program is when all of the teachers gather together after lunch to discuss and brainstorm just how they'll use the Classics books in their curriculum. Since this year's series focuses on the 2011 Festival theme of "Technology," the ideas have been digitally-infused investigations. At our last session, after two captivating hours talking with Brazilian novelist and General Counsel to Brazil Joao Almino about his 1994 book Samba-enredo,... Continue Reading >>
The Breakup 2.0
One of the great things about being an anthropologist, what drew me to the discipline in fact, is that no subject is off limits. After all, anthropology is the study of humanity in all its aspects, a proposition at once grandly dignified and ludicrously ambitious. I was hooked on it the moment I realized that it would give me the freedom to study whatever I was interested in, now or in the future. And over the years, I have taken advantage of this freedom, roaming across such varied fields of... Continue Reading >>
The Past, Present, and Future of the Book
For those of us who care passionately about the humanities, there are few questions more pressing than the future of the book. Coming generations, it seems today, may well live without them, consuming text on various electronic devices networked, in turn, to infinitely large digitized data bases. To some of us, this appears like a techno-utopia, having the entire library of world culture at our fingertips. To others, it is a more depressing vision, centered on the loss of the iconic artifact of... Continue Reading >>
Egypt’s Technological Revolution
Coincidentally, as we announced “Technology” as CHF’s 2011 theme for our fall festival, news of a revolution caused by technology exploded as tensions in Egypt rose concerning its now former president, Hosni Mubarak.  Over the past couple of years, the buzz about social media and its ability to revolutionize a society has gained much attention and has fostered debate.  There is no doubt that social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook promote the idea of mass and immediate... Continue Reading >>
Once upon a time...
An Evening of Modern Fairy Tales Thursday, April 7; 6:00 pm Harold Washington Library Center FREE event! Click here to reserve seats for the program. “Once upon a time…” It’s with such simplicity that so many satisfying stories begin; a line at once expected and unfailingly seductive. For many of us, fairy tales are the foundation of our reading lives, following the archetypal characters (read: innocent young beauty tortured by evil stepmother miraculously rescued... Continue Reading >>

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