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Happy Birthday to Marina Abramović and Ulay
Thirty-two years ago today, the performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay celebrated their shared birthday by creating a beautiful and little-known performance work, Communist Body / Fascist Body. This work is one of the centerpieces of Feast, so today is the perfect moment to introduce it to you.(It's also a great moment to mention that we're partnering with the Chicago Humanities Festival to bring Marina in to give a lecture on February 16, 2012. She's one of the most brilliant -- and... Continue Reading >>
And the winners are . . .
We had a ball during the fall Festival with A Secret Poem. It was wonderful to see many of you seeking out clues and stickers at various Festival events. One of the many high points was hearing Charles Bernstein read “This Poem is in Finish,” the poem he wrote especially for this game, at his CHF program (at approx. minute 30). While we saw many of you playing, only a handful of people submitted completed poems. Thanks to all that participated, at every level. Winners... Continue Reading >>

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