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Online Research: New Approaches to Teaching and Learning
Every summer, the Chicago Humanities Festival presents the Summer Institute for Teachers (SIT) as part of our year-round, professional-development offerings for teachers. In 2010, we designed the two-day Institute to address issues that many teachers had raised with our staff during our informal discussions at Classics in Context, Festival events, and SIT 2009; namely, how to address the thorny world of online research. So many of you told us that you were looking for guidance in teaching good... Continue Reading >>
Classics in Context: The 2011 Season!
This past year at Classics in Context we were treated to an engaging history of humor in the Spanish Lanuguage with Professor Mauricio Tenorio and a of the life and work of Juan Jose Arreola with special guest Professor Nelly Palafox, as well as turning a critical eye toward Arreola’s satirical work in both English and in Spanish.   We explored the monstrosity of Victor Frankenstein’s creation with Professor Heather Keenleyside, and discussed the creature in the context of the “Last of his Race”... Continue Reading >>
Elizabeth Warren
Event Info Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 6–7 pm Thorne Auditorium Northwestern University School of Law 375 E. Chicago Avenue Tickets on sale January 4. $5 for CHF members, $10 for the general public. FREE for Charter Humanists Circle members. To me, Elizabeth Warren is a genuine American hero. A professor at Harvard’s School of Law, she rocketed to national prominence during the recent financial crisis. An expert on our system of credit, particularly the credit... Continue Reading >>
World Aids Day: Paul Farmer highlighted in the New York Times
Generally speaking, the topic of AIDS or HIV are not really opted for in casual discussion. With the exception of World AIDS Day, conversations about the virus, the search for a cure, and the ongoing role it plays in our international public health policies, may lie mostly dormant. For me, it took finding out that someone I knew was infected to start talking and researching the issue. My concern led me to realize how many individuals are actively, and vocally, committed to the cause.   The fight... Continue Reading >>

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