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A Secret Poem Revealed!
Big thanks to everyone that played "A Secret Poem." It was wonderful to see so many of you with your game cards seeking out clues and sharing answers during the Festival. Herewith the secret is revealed:   This Poem Is in Finishtoggle here for translationWhile I remain in English, either stranded orAs one drunken and wheeled to a paddyWagon. There was a time I drank blueberryWine but that was long ago and my powersOf recollection are still too strong to... Continue Reading >>
Game Clues Revealed: It's Not Too Late to Play!!
We know a lot of you love to do crossword puzzles. And we know that many of you were aware that during the Festival there was a CHF game afoot. Well, that game, "A Secret Poem," is very much like a crossword puzzle. During the course of the Festival, there were a lot of clues to hunt down and from the feedback you've given us, we think we might have made it a little too hard to find them all. So, we want to help. It was never our intent to make the game too hard to play. (Next... Continue Reading >>
First Week in November Wrap-Up
As I was sitting in the Chicago History Museum's on Saturday, waiting for Michael Taussig's talk, Beauty and the Beast: The Monstrous Side of Plastic Surgery to begin, I realized that one small thing I'm really loving about the festival is the opportunity to see all the different theater spaces I never knew about.  From University of Chicago's Victorian Mandel Hall to the Francis W. Parker school's ultramodern auditorium, each space has a character of its own. I've been reminded over and over of... Continue Reading >>
Spudnik Press: Chicago's Community Print Shop
When I listen to the Anthology of American Folk Music on my iPod, I can hear the vinyl crackle underneath Chubby Parker’s frolicking King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O —one era’s technology audible in this one. Harry Smith, an eccentric and bohemian, was the man behind this unprecedented compilation of early American music. Smith, who was primarily bi-coastal with stints in New York’s Lower East Side and the West coast, also found himself for a time in Boulder, Colorado. A friend of the poet... Continue Reading >>
The Long Tale of Israel's Wars
Rachel S. Harris is assistant professor of comparative literature and Jewish studies at the University of Illinois. She will interview  David Grossman on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 10 am at Thorne Auditorium. David Grossman A message arrives only when someone receives it. Ora, terrified of the message that might come, flees her home setting out on a long hike across Israel. This is the premise behind David Grossman’s new novel To the End of the Land. The... Continue Reading >>

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