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Nori Sawa Workshop Fun & Games
My conviction that my job is super cool just went to a whole new level.  Last week I received the nickname “Prince of Fire” from master puppeteer Nori Sawa during a playful workshop at Northwestern University’s Louis Theater.  A group of students and local puppeteers from the Chicagoland area broke up into small teams and immediately started to implement a couple of core shadow puppetry concepts communicated by the energetic and humorous Sawa.  The assignment was to pick any... Continue Reading >>
Velo Theatre's Objects of Affection
I was first introduced to the beautiful, bizarre and amusing world of object theatre through the Chicagoland puppet symbolist group Theatre Zarko. Seeing a performance that gathers its props and power by reconfiguring what, in many instances, are simple and available objects (think garden hoses, pieces of lamp shades, old toys, scrap wire) was a stark contrast and refreshing juxtaposition to the experience of viewing sets with high production costs.     Velo Theatre's The PostmanA fantastic... Continue Reading >>