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Under the Sea . . .

The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer is set in a bleak future; the seas have risen, billions have died, and humans live on farms atop skyscrapers and mountains. Enter the unassuming and reluctant explorer, Alvin Sputnik!

Alvin Sputnik holds a glowing object
Photo by Michelle Robin Anderson

In the wake of losing his wife, Alvin lives up to his name* by volunteering for a perilous quest to the depths of the sea. What follows is a charming journey in which the audience accompanies Alvin on his adventure to save humankind.

Alvin Sputnik watches a whale eat a light
Photo by Michelle Robin Anderson

As popular with adults as with young people, this one-person show draws the audience in to watch the performer skillfully manipulate a variety of media. The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik seamlessly blends animation, puppetry, projections, music, and masterful storytelling to create an immersive experience you won’t forget. During the audience talk back following the show, you will have the opportunity to ask the performer Samuel Longley questions and hear him talk about this work.

The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik is the first Australian production to visit Stages, Sights & Sounds (our second Australian import, Fluff, follows closely on Alvin’s heels), but it has already wowed audiences in Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and New York City.

Join this international crowd in having “a wonderfully moving theatrical experience” (Broadway World) when Alvin Sputnik visits Chicago May 7–10 at the Storefront Theater.

*Tim Watts, the creator of the show, named Alvin Sputnik after two exploratory vessels. Alvin was the first deep-sea submersible to carry passengers, and Sputnik was the first artificial Earth satellite. What Tim Watts didn’t know at the time is that the Russian word “Sputnik” means “traveling companion.”
Photo by Ella Wright

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