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Fluff is a Quirky Celebration of Lost Toys

Three gingham-wearing people pose on a colorful stage
Photo by Sean Young

The stage is covered in toys: dozens of teddy bears, toy cars, and ragdolls are carefully perched atop colorful shelves. Each one is unique and seems to have a story to tell. Even before Fluff begins, the audience wonders about these toys.

Where did they come from? To whom do they belong?

An illuminated plastic puppy sits next to a knit octopus with a hat
Photo by Sean Young

Enter the Ginghams: a traveling trio of plaid-patterned siblings whose mission in life is to rescue lost or forgotten toys and give them a home and a new lease on life (and sing a few songs along the way). In Fluff, the Ginghams bring toys to life with quirky sound effects, comedic backstories, and audience participation.

Watch this delightful video trailer for a peek into the mod, mad world of Fluff.

Fluff is the brainchild of Australian singer and performer Christine Johnson. One of the most intriguing things we’ve learned in our run-up to producing Fluff is that all of the toys in the show, every last one of them, belong to Christine’s personal collection.

Two gingham-wearing women hold a teddy bear in front of them
Photo by Sean Young

The Sydney Morning Herald said this about Fluff: “Simply enchanting. . . . The pacing is deft and Johnston’s vocal feats a marvel. By the end the children’s participation is guaranteed, and they stream from the theatre with radiant faces.” We can’t wait to feel that radiance here in Chicago.

Get your tickets to see Fluff, May 14-18 at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater.

Learner's Guide
Resources and activities for use at school or home

  • In Fluff, the Gingham family is very concerned for all the lost and discarded hand-made toys in the world, and they travel the globe to find them. For eighteen months, Italian artist Gabriele Galimberti traveled the world photographing children and their toys: check out his thought-provoking series of photos. After looking at these photos, children might gather their own toys for a photo shoot.
  • Help students explore their identities through art with this activity from Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge.
  • Download the Teacher Resource Materials PDF for activities specific to the show centered on its themes.


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