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Animating with Lego Bricks (a.k.a. Brickfilming)

Kids look through piles of Lego bricks
(Photo by Ben Gonzales)

This past Saturday, I led two Lego animation workshops as part of Stages, Sights & Sounds 2014. We had more than 30 kids come to the Chicago Cultural Center to try their hands at making stop-motion animations using Lego bricks (a.k.a. brickfilms). You can watch the results of their hard work embedded below or collected as a YouTube playlist.

Four girls building with Lego bricks
(Photo by Ben Gonzales)

All the animations at these workshops were made using Lego Movie Maker, a free app developed by the Lego Group for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It's a great piece of software for making your fist stop-motion animations—using Lego bricks, clay, or any other media. I always recommend making your first few animations using free software, that way you can find out if it's something you really enjoy before upgrading to more expensive software like iStopMotion or Dragonframe.

Boy looking through iPhone camera at Lego bricks
(Photo by Ben Gonzales)

Here are some online resources for learning more about brickfilms. For those looking to take their animation to the next level, I recommend this overview of my creative process and technical considerations. The forums on Bricks in Motion are where brickfilmers from around the world come together to discuss their craft and learn from one another. Finally, The Set Bump is a blog that I co-edit that covers the latest and greatest in Lego animation.

What are you waiting for? Go make a brickfilm!


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