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Tom Sachs
Of all the nerd maguses among recent art world phenoms, there may be none quite as uber as Tom Sachs. Tom Sachs Born in 1966 and raised in Westport, Connecticut, he must have been one of those kids completely entrameled in the world of model kits, remote-controlled racers, and out-back garage workshops: he still is.  After a stint at Bennington College, architectural studies in London, and then a couple years out west in Frank Gehry’s furniture shop, in 1990 he transplanted... Continue Reading >>
Walter Murch
Every spring, at some point in the semester as I am teaching my graduate Fiction of Nonfiction writing and reading class to the usual collection of journalism and poetry graduate students at NYU (my mission, to help foster a new generation of lyrical reporters and investigative poets), there comes a point in the proceedings where I have occasion to offer up my opinion (which given the rules of graduate education has the momentary force of law) that Walter Murch is the smartest person in... Continue Reading >>
Nandipha Mntambo
Some of the most striking standouts at the recent Biennale in Sydney, Australia (which I was attending, in part, in my sometime role as the Festival’s traveling scout), were the powerfully enigmatic resin cast figures by the young Swaziland-born (1982), Capetown-based Nandipha Mntambo: headless figures cast, that is, out of vast swaths of richly colored untreated cowhide, pelts which in turn had originally been draped over casts of the artist’s own body, whose various... Continue Reading >>