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Marching Forward

I thought I’d be back with another post about the bionics program right away, but that isn’t actually how things work around here. Sometimes ideas surface, get discussed, and then submerge again. Bionics will certainly re-emerge.

In the meantime, web research, conversations with colleagues and informal advisors, and unsolicited proposals have taken the foreground in the last few weeks. In our programming meetings, we’ve been culling through our lists and beginning to invite people and put shape to some programs. It hasn’t all been easy going.  With many invitations sent, there have been a whole slew of “NOs,” mostly from prominent health-care economists and doctors whom we were hoping would shed light on the meshugas that is our current health-care system and the proposals under consideration to improve it. It’s no surprise that these people are very much in demand. All of the decliners were gracious to a fault, but couldn’t make their busy calendars work with our fixed dates in November. Of course, there are so many compelling people who could potentially present on this topic—we aren’t giving up.

The good news is we have 22 confirmed programs. I don’t want to steal the thunder from my cherished marketing colleagues who will want to make a big splash with announcements later in the year, but we’re pleased that we have already “locked in” programs on an incredible range of topics related to the Body: intersex; the body of Jesus; mummies; Second Life; the “body-mind problem” (For us dancers, it’s not really a problem, but for philosophers, it’s a biggie!); a panel of doctors who are also published authors (or should I say authors who are also medical doctors?); and a west Loop gallery tour.

Collaborative programs with the Poetry Foundation, the Jane Austen Society and the Terra Foundation have already found their legs. Conversations with other collaborating partners such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and Access Living ongoing.

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