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Northwestern Day 2013 - A Guide to Evanston
On Sunday, October 13, the Chicago Humanities Festival will come roaring through Evanston. During the Morry and Dolores Kohl Kaplan Northwestern Day, you will have the opportunity to let your mind run wild with notable scholars, thinkers, and writers. In case you are unfamiliar with the uncharted territories just north of Chicago, this short guide will help you map out your perfect start to our 2013 Fall Festival, Animal: What Makes Us Human. The Northwestern University campus is a short walk... Continue Reading >>
Eduardo Kac: Transgenic Art
Eduardo Kac (pronounced “Katz”) is best known as the artist who made GFP Bunny, a project involving a green bunny rabbit named Alba. She was an albino laboratory rabbit that was genetically manipulated at the zygote stage through the incorporation of GFP (green fluorescent protein). In normal light, she was as white as the Easter Bunny. Under a blacklight, she glowed green like the fluorescent jellyfish whose DNA she shared through a synthetic process (though it should be noted that... Continue Reading >>